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Hey Aaron,

These are wonderful examples, some I'm very familiar with, others I look forward to learning more about. I think I was trying to express a frustration with a desire to see more engagement with the genres whilst so much of it in performance seems, frankly, silly--as in, beyond parody, camp, or pastiche.

Is this due to immutable differences between other arts and "live" theatre? Is it due to financial resources? Perhaps a stronger affinity with sci-fi would be misguided entirely!

I appreciate the comment and look forward to more from these companies, new pieces, and critics such as yourself.

Nah-nu nah-nu,


I would strongly disagree that sci-fi/fantasy has gone "largely unattempted." LCT3 did "What Once We Felt," Ashlin Halfnight's done some stuff for his company (Electric Pear), and if you consider "gothic horror" fantasy, then there are plenty more. Not to mention the recent "Futura." And plenty of the shows produced at 3LD and the Ohio, not to mention by Clubbed Thumb, have had sci-fi elements. Rotozaza did a recent interactive sci-fi show at last year's COIL, and if we're going to talk PS122 (or the Kitchen), there's also Jay Schieb's "Untitled Mars" and a version of "Bellona: Destroyer of Cities" (if you're looking for adaptations). Oh, and speaking of R.U.R., there was Mac Rogers's update of that, "Universal Robots" not too long ago.

Just sayin' . . . this stuff is out there.

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