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I'd like to take issue with one of your comments: "faux punk songs". What leads you to believe that these songs are imitating punk - and weren't actually punk? What is punk? Does this have to do with the press release for this show which clumsily equates Kabuki and Punk as if it were a formula that the Twoheaded Calf was "trying out" to see if it would work or not? At what point do the musicians and actors betray their imitative agenda? I would venture to say that those moments in the play (the faux punk songs) were the moments of transformation, where the quote-punk becomes the punk? And isn't that the exciting/messy/dangerous aspect of a simulacral experience? Have you seen Hearst's Renaissance-inspired palace in California? Is your experience with it less REAL than your experience with Versailles?

Or to come at it from a different direction, are simulacra, re-presentations, mimes, air-tight? Or, in fact, does REAL experience seep thru the cracks (involuntarily, unwittingly) of the historical and stylistic pastiche?

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