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Dear Max,

Thank you so much for the clarification--that does change the idea quite a bit, and I appreciate the same importance you place upon how the arts are funded and why. (If only we had such a supportive government in the U.S.!) I do still find the relationship between global commerce and performance aesthetic interesting, and quite prevalent in your piece, and I sincerely hope many people begin to take up this question. Thanks for the comment!

Best, Tweed

Max Schumacher

The piece "Heavenly Bento" has been financed exclusively by public federal German money - the Hauptstadtkulturfonds (Capital City Foundation by the Federal Government).
Only five years after the premiere, Sony has been aware of the piece and contributed to the New York tour. There has been no relationship to SONY before - all research on the company has been done via published biographies and studies. There have been no changes of the piece for the NY tour, nor have there been any attempts of influencing or changing the piece by any outside party.
Max Schumacher, co-director of the performance.

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